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    Our Mission & Vision:






                                                                                             Aggie Kelly


In 2008, we decided to take Aggie's Angels a step further by accepting the developmentally disabled in our designated residence. With the third generation away in school, there wasn't enough staff to ensure the best quality of care that we strive to deliver. In the meantime, two of the great grandchildren completed high school, enrolled into college and out of passions, became licensed to work as CNA's. While their education and experience were elevating, they realized what they wanted to do. Our family passion and experience made it possible to do what we loved doing for a lifetime. 

In 2013 we accomplished obtaining our state license and officially established our mark in Colorado. Although we are a business, we made a promise to dedicate our services based on the morals, ethics, and the love and care of Aggie Kelly. We promise to keep site of our vision and deliver quality care to those we serve.

   The Basics

Consider using Aggie's Angel's Care Pro's home healthcare when you or a loved one need the following:

* The need for caregiver assistance

* Replacement care when you need a vacation

* Is non-compliant with taking medications

* Exhibits a decline in hygiene

* Is discharged from rehabilitation.

* Has dizziness or falls

* Has difficulty ambulating

* Has confusion or dementia

* Short-term care for injuries and illness

* Is in need of companionship

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